Jordan Nickerson
Doctoral Candidate
Finance Department
McCombs School of Business
The University of Texas at Austin

Research Interests
Executive Compensation
Credit Ratings
CDO and MBS Securities

Working Papers

Market Forces and CEO Pay: Shocks to CEO Demand Induced by IPO Waves (Job Market Paper)

A Structural Estimation of the Cost of Suboptimal Matching in the CEO Labor Market

How do Measures of Tax Avoidance Measure Up? with Lisa De Simone, Jeri K. Seidman, and Bridget Stomberg.


Rating Shopping or Catering? An Examination of the Response to Competitive Pressure for CDO Credit Ratings with John M. Griffin and Dragon Yongjun Tang. Review of Financial Studies 26, 2270–310.

Works in Progress

CDO Correlation Assumptions: Past, Present, and Future. Are Correlations Correct? with John M. Griffin.